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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements have become standard procedure in planning for marriage, particularly in new marriages with children from a previous marriage.  It is not uncommon for marriages that take place in our later years to need these services in order to assure older children that their inheritance will be protected.  Many times a nuptials agreement assures the married couple that adult children will not interfere with the new marriage.

Ethical planning for a spendthrift spouse, child or elderly parent can often protect assets that would otherwise be available to predators.  With special needs family members, aging parents or loved ones who require special handling, it is wise to have a strategy to protect them from our litigious and predator intensive society.  Increasingly, as we see parents who have left assets to one child in order to protect another, we are also seeing exposure of these assets to creditors.  An automobile accident or bankruptcy can decimate an entire estate without proper planning.